Thursday, 11 September 2014

Quote of the day...

One of the girls in my class posted this. Had to share! As you can see we are all a little stressed!
- C

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Run and Mango Frappe’s

So after much reluctance to do any physical activity I caved to my friends request for a run. After waiting for a while and getting hit on numerous times my sporty friend arrived and we mostly walked to a cute cafĂ©, Milk. We both got Mango Frappe’s and I wasn’t sure on it at first, it was the first time I had something like it and it was amazing; so thank you to my friend Olivia for getting my out of the house, for making me try a new drink and for getting me the drink. After our break at Milk we parted ways and I went home, back to studying.

- C

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Thursday Tafe Day

So yesterday was once again Tafe day that involved a lot of multitasking because I had to look like I was listening to my teacher and rushing to finish an assignment for school. But at lunch I got to go to Grill’d and I brought their snack chips which were so good! 

After Tafe I went across the bridge to do some last minute shopping for father’s day, that I will so you on either Sunday or Monday if I get the chance.

Everything is just so busy at the moment, I’m going into exam block, birthdays are coming up and Tafe is getting heavier so if I don’t post as regularly I’m so sorry but I will make it up to you!
- C